About Us

At Get Smart Technology, we are very happy to provide you with security advice whether it is in your home, at your shop or even over the phone. All our technicians are qualified and trained to provide the best advice and recommend the most cost effective method of protecting you, your family and property. You can rest assured that we keep up to date with all the latest products and technology and their application. We not only advise you on the best solutions but how to use the products correctly and safely.

For added security and deterrence, a burglar alarm can give you piece of mind. Get Smart Technology use only the highest quality products and our trained technicians can ensure that your personal property is completely protected. After completing a thorough security survey of your property, our qualified technician will prepare a proposal for a burglar alarm system designed specifically for your application. Recommendations for the appropriate PIR's, reed switches glass break devices and other components will ensure effective coverage. If required we can install the very latest in wireless technology removing the need to run wires to each of the detection devices. We can also where requested provide 24 hour monitoring of your alarm to ensure that in the event of the alarm being activated appropriate immediate responses will occur.

On the Data side of the company, we are classed as “Extra Low Voltage Specialists”. Our staff are licensed cablers, with endorsements in Structured Cabling.

Low Voltage Electrical Work that defines ELV as not exceeding 50 volts a.c. or 120 volts ripple free d.c., as defined in AS/NZS 3000: 2000 Australian / New Zealand Wiring Rules.

At Get Smart Technology we install all types of Extra Low Voltage Cabling and Equipment for your needs from;

Intercom Systems
ADSL / Broadband Connection
 Computer Networks
ADSL Modems / Routers and Firewalls
Outdoor Weather Proof Speakers.
Rock Speakers and Underground Speakers
Home Theatre Speakers
Background Music and Paging Systems

We service and supply all of the above services, whether you already have the equipment or not, we are able to help sort out the installation and set-up the equipment for you. 

Please feel free to explore our site and find out how we can help you.

Mission Statement

Get Smart Technology will strive to provide an excellence in technology solutions for safety and security that deliver cost-effectiveness without compromise of quality.

Company Goals

We will employ personnel who understand this principle that have a commitment to this goal. We will always deal honestly and fairly with clients at all times. We will work to ensure we deliver leading edge technical solutions with constant innovation.

Get Smart Technology Pty Ltd is a member of the Security Providers Association of Australia Ltd and we obide by their code of ethics at all times.

Its observance shall create a feeling of trust and goodwill.

1. The integrity and reliability of members must be beyond reproach because of the confidential and responsible nature of the profession.

2. If called upon to give evidence or to speak on a matter of fact in the practice of the profession a member shall report what he knows or believes to be the truth.

3. A member shall neither maliciously, negligently nor improperly injure directly or indirectly the reputation, prospects, or business of another member of the profession.

4. Members shall at all times conduct themselves in a manner which shall not, without proper justification, prejudice in any way the interests or the reputation of the Institute and its members.

5. A member shall not accept instructions of business in connection with the profession of Security Consultants on the basis that no charge will be made unless a successful result is achieved.

6. The relationship between a member and his principal shall at all times be fiduciary and a member shall not disclose information confided in him in the course of his practice by his principal without the consent of the principal.

7. A member shall not offer or receive any improper financial or other inducement to secure or accept instructions.

The Institute shall be non-political and non-sectarian. 

The Benefits To You

Choosing a product or service for the first time can be a difficult and frustrating experience. Shopping around for an alarm system or surveillance system is no different.

Am I choosing the right company?

Are they experienced?

Is the company stable?

Will they be in business next year?

Is the company able to provide the system you actually need?

Do they use qualified installers?

When you choose Get Smart Technology, the answer to all these questions is yes! At Get Smart Technology, we will be there to ensure that your needs are met.

Care and Responsibility

Get Smart Technology Personal are trained to take the greatest of care when working on your premises. Our installers take pride in following best industry practice in their professional conduct and relationship with you, the customer.