Security systems on the NBN

As the NBN™ rolls out across Australia, a mix of technologies are being implemented in different areas to bring modern telecommunications to your home. While some of these technologies (particularly NBN™ Wireless and NBN™ Satellite) will not impact the existing copper network used for landline phones, others will.

Areas with Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) will see the copper network disconnected completely around 18 months after NBN™ becomes available. While Fibre-to-the-Node (FTTN) and Fibre-to-the-Building (FTTB) services will utilise part of the copper network, they essentially “take over” the copper line and can’t share it with a traditional phone service. FTTB and FTTN areas will also see any legacy services on the copper network disconnected around 18 months after NBN™ becomes available.

You may wonder how this will affect a security system that relies on a landline phone. You don’t need to be alarmed – we’ve got everything you need to know right here.

Keeping up with the times

We’ve already seen this issue before. When Naked DSL was released, it was all the rage for customers interested in having a broadband service without the need to pay phone line rental. However, most security systems were largely dependent on the phone line whether you actually used it to make phone calls or not.

Australian security providers have long since begun innovating their products to be less reliant on landlines. While security systems can run over broadband services, they are vulnerable during power outages so it’s vital to have a backup solution in place to ensure that your system stays alert. Wireless and mobile technologies have been keenly embraced for this – not only are they typically less susceptible to physical tampering (i.e. there’s no line to cut) some models may even be able to be connected to a backup power source.

Reach out to your security provider not all security equipment is compatible with the NBN™. If your home or business has a monitored alarm or another kind of security system installed, you should contact your security provider before making the switch to NBN™ to make sure that everything will work as expected.

Here’s some questions you should ask when discussing your options:

Will my alarm work properly when I connect to the NBN™?

Once I’m on the NBN™, will my alarm be able to dial out during a power outage?

Will my alarm have an alternate communication path in case the primary method fails?

Will my alarm “check in” periodically to make sure the communication path is still working?

If a mobile service is involved, do I need to arrange my own mobile service or is that included with the security product?

Will I need a service call or any new equipment when changing to the NBN™?

It will help if you know which kind of NBN™ technology will be available at your address as it may affect the options your provider can offer you. Before you call your provider, you can check your address on the NBN website to see which kind of NBN™ technology is available in your area.

If you need any advice on how things might change, please call us on Phone 1300 79 10 86 and we will be happy to explain to you what we can do to help.